Rental agreement – Pet regulations



Bring the pet’s bed.
At all times the pet must be kept on leash and on the rented cottage’s ground only.
You must pick up poop on the land and in the forest, and dispose it in the garbage.
In the lodge it is strictly forbidden to allow your pet to be in the bedrooms and wood floors. We ask that he stays on our ceramic spaces at all time.
No pet on beds or sofas.



For insurance reasons, injuries and allergies, pets are not authorized at the beach. Also being that the beach is shared with other tenants



Damage on the building, furniture, equipment and land will be charged to the person responsible of the reservation.


Thanks for choosing Locations du Sommet!
Enjoy your stay and think safe at all times.


    SIGNATURE : I have read and i accept to follow the rules and the conditions described in the rental agreement document. I will respect the NOISE LEVEL AT MINIMUM BETWEEN 21h30 TO 10Hrs