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During your stay, you have access to the Domain’s private beach and the boats. The boats which are available at the beach and identified Log Home, must be replaced upside down after each use and locked. It is required to wear a life jacket in the boats, you can find them in the cottage (3 adults and 1 child), put back all accessories in place after use. Be aware that a fee of 50$ will be charged for any negligence. This is an unsupervised beach, all swimming and use of boats is at the risk and peril of the tenants. Please watch your children.



All boats must be cleaned before launching at the lake. This is to prevent the aquatic invasive species.



To access the beach please follow the red dotted path on the map below.



The outside fire is allowed only in the place reserved for this purpose. Before lighting a fire you must visit the website http://sopfeu.qc.ca/ enter the cottage location in the right box and verify if the indicator is in the blue or the green zone. It is forbidden to burn natural elements on site, only log  is permitted. You must use the logs you bring. The complete procedures are listed in the welcome book in the cottage, it is your responsibility to refer to them and ensure fire safety. An outdoor fire must NEVER be left unattended and it has to be completely extinguished after use. The tenant will be liable for any negligence.



A BBQ is available for your use. Please note that we do not guarantee the quantity of propane. Kindly clean the BBQ after each use and before your departure.

You exchange the propane tank at the Depanneur Voisin: 1750 Chemin du Village, Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, QC J0T 2B0  or refill it at Centre de location St-Sauveur : 2260 Chemin Jean-Adam, Saint-Sauveur, QC J0R 1R2.



You will find a regular coffee machine with filters provided. All kitchen tools are available, dishes, pots and pans, microwave, toaster. We regularly inspect the equipment and replace any damaged item.



Tap water comes from a surface well. Although the water is drinkable, we recommend that you bring spring water to drink.



After a snow storm, you will have at your disposal a shovel and sand with non-slip gravel as needed. The snow tractor will pass twice, we ask you to move your vehicles between the two passes, to finalize the cleaning.



In the event of a storm that causes a power outage, you have to wait for Hydro Quebec to take over, we do not have generator equipment available at the moment.


In the event of a circuit breaker trip, please use code ”1234” to open the electrical panel located in the cabinet of the first bedroom in the basement, down the stairs. This will allow you to restore the electrical power if needed. Please ensure to close and lock the panel after making any necessary adjustments.


Please leave your sport equipment outside.



Use the parking area that is for 4 cars, vehicle on grass will not be tolerate.



It is forbidden to smoke at all time inside the cottage and within less than 9 meters outside doors.



Outside, please dispose of cigarette butts in the containers provided for this purpose.



During your stay, take out the waste, recycling and compost at the waste station at the main entrance of the site. Out of respect for the environment, we ask you to carefully separate recycling (green bin), garbage (black bin) and compost (brown bin). Please refer to the list in the cottage kitchen for any questions on waste sorting.



For main entrance key loss, a $50 fee will be charged.



Before your arrival, the cottage and bedding will be clean and inspected by the maintenance crew.




Please note that it is possible, that maintenance employees visit your site for maintenance during your stay. These interventions will be as discreet as possible and only if necessary.



On the land there are places with steep cliffs and slopes, risk of serious injury or death. Please follow the signs.



Are not allowed in any case, under penalty of fine and termination of contract.



The use of a firearm, air gun, bow, crossbow, paintball gun or other weapon is prohibited.



The use of a drone or any other flying remote control is prohibited.



Prohibited. A written agreement with the owner is required to bring an animal.



Locations du Sommet does everything in their power to make their facilities as safe as possible. During the winter season we will take care of the snow maintenance as soon as possible. However, the company and its team are not responsible for any accidents that occur on the site. Think safe and watch your children.



The owner and his employees can access the cottage and the site for verifications or repairs if necessary. If needed, the visit will be conducted in a respectful way.



Tenants are responsible for complying with regulations, premises, furnishings and the surrounding area. If the rules are not followed, tenants will receive a single formal email notification indicating which by-law is being violated, if it is subject to a fine of $300 to $750 or eviction. They will have to comply immediately. If no response or collaboration is received 1 hour after sending the email the procedures will be applied. In case of expulsion, there is no refund.



The maximum occupancy of this cottage is 8 people, this includes the people inside the cottage as well as those on the land of the property.The number of persons permitted shall under no circumstances be exceeded unless agreed in writing by the owner of Locations du Sommet. Failure to comply with the maximum number of persons permitted and the loss of control of a group, whether authorized or not, will result in immediate expulsion without reimbursement, legal proceedings, a minimum of $10,000 to cover moral damages to homeowners and neighbours. Property damage will be added to the suit. The tenant who electronically signed this document will be held responsible and will receive the lawsuit.



Noise level must be at minimum between 9h30pm and 10am, we ask you to turn off the music and reduce the noise outside. Noises likely to disturb the peace and well-being of the neighborhood are prohibited under penalty of fine and termination of contract.
Sound intensity higher than 40 dB =Forbidden between 21h30h to 10h
Sound intensity higher than 60 dB = Forbidden between 7h to 22h



Excessive noise is intolerable during the day and night. If there are any complaints from the neighbourhood about excessive noise, you will receive an email notification asking you to comply with the regulations. If the noise persists, 30 minutes after the email, an agent will go on the site and record a video of the situation. A 250$ fee will be automatically charged to your credit card for the agent’s travel. If the noise persists again, a second email will be sent to you. After 15 minutes of receiving the email, if the noise continues, you will be evicted and another $250 fee will be automatically charged to you.



All games involving alcohol, like beer pong or others, are prohibited inside the cottages. A $85 penalty will be charged for any liquid left on floors, walls and furniture. In addition, a fee of $85/h will also be charged for cleaning associated with this exaggerated dirt.



The GardaWorld corporation insures the security and supervision of the rental cottages in Saint-Adolphe D’Howard’s municipality. Fines can be issued if rules are not respected.



A pre-authorization of $750 is made on the credit card on file, 24hour before your arrival, as a security deposit in case of damage or negligence. The funds will be released, 48 hours after your departure, following housekeeping.



In case of ALARM or SMOKE DETECTOR ACTIVATION, if it is a false alarm, contact immediately the alarm center at 1-800-667-4720, to cancel the Fire Department or the Police which will move automatically. You will have to give the address 1430 chemin jamboree, Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard and key box code of the cottage to identify yourself. A minimum fee of $150 will be charged to you, if there is unnecessary public order travel.



Bedding (For the sofa bed, you will find the bedding in the wardrobe under the television)
Bath towels, hand towels, dish towels
Cleaning products for kitchen and bathroom needed during your stay
Toilet paper, hand soap, paper towel
BBQ and tank, we do not guarantee the quantity of propane, you will need to exchange it or refill it at your own expense.
Kayaks, paddle board, canoe and lifejackets



Phosphorus-free soap and shampoo and personal effects
Phosphorous-free soap to wash your clothes
Beach towels
Fire kit: Bags of logs with firewood, newspaper and lighter (for the safety of children, we do not leave lighters or matches in the cottage)



ADDRESS: 1430, Jamboree Street, Saint-Adolphe-D’Howard, QC J0T 2B0

DIRECTIONS WITH GPS – Difficult to find, follow these indications
Now that you are on Jamboree, turn in the first entrance on your left
The cottage is on your right
FULL DIRECTIONS – From Highway 15 North
Take exit 60
Turn left at the next light
Turn right onto Jean-Adam (Route 364) to the next light
Continue for 9.3 km
Turn right onto Route 329
Continue for 7.6 km
Turn right onto Jamboree Road
turn in the first entrance on your left
The cottage is on your right



Time of arrival is 4pm.
The key is in the key box to the right of the garden level door. The box code will be provided to you by email the week of your arrival. 

The alarm system is programmed to deactivate remotely by 16h. If you arrive in advance, please call us to deactivate it.
If you have any questions, please refer to the on-site binder that contains the cottage information.



1- Clean the BBQ after each use

*A fee of $35 will be charged for any negligence*

2- Replace and lock boats after use 

  • Put the Kayak and Paddle board back in their place
  • Lock the boats
  • Put the life vests back in place

*A fee of $50 will be charged for any negligence*

3- Waste:

  • Take out the waste, recycling and compost at the waste station at the main entrance of the site
  • Separate recycling (green bin), garbage (black bin) and compost (brown bin)
  • Do not leave trash in a bag outside at anytime, it will attract wild animals

*A fee of $85/h will be withheld from your security deposit for any cleaning*

4- Beddings:

  • Remove sheets and pillowcases from used beds; place at the end of the bed
  • Used towels must be put in front of the laundry room

5- Kitchen:

  • Tidy the kitchen
  • Wash dishes

6- Check-out:

  • 11h00 AM maximum

*Additional charges may be applied if there is a delay on your part*

7- When leaving:

  • Close the windows
  • Turn off the lights
  • Turn the heat back to 19 degrees, in winter
  • Lock all doors
  • Return the key to the key box



Our team will inspect the cottage. Standard housekeeping is included in the price of your rental. A $100 fee will be charged for non-compliance with departure instructions as well as $85/h for any additional cleaning of excessive dirt, non-compliance with tasks or waste in the field, including cigarette butts.


Thank you for choosing Locations du Sommet!
Enjoy your stay and think safe at all times.


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